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The NBA /DiscoverNeedham.com
Established in 1974, the Needham Business Association is the principal association for businesses and Non-profit organizations in Needham, Massachusetts.
Our Mission is to:
* Strengthen the Needham business environment by providing education, business exposure, networking opportunities, public events and support to our member businesses and Non-profit organizations.
* Be a clear voice to Town government on our members business concerns.
* Promote the value and use of locally owned Needham businesses.
The Purpose of the NBA is to:
* Bring together the business community to establish and address common goals
* Promote public awareness of our member businesses and of doing business locally
* Improve the appearance of Needham for the betterment of the community and businesses
* Encourage a friendly, cooperative business atmosphere
* Promote and encourage participation in programs and activities beneficial to our members and the general business community
* Build better relationships between consumers and businesses via advocacy and conflict resolution
* Support laws and regulations that help strengthen the business community
If you own a local business or will be soon, the NBA/DiscoverNeedham is here to help you grow!
Visit Us at one of our monthly Business Education/Networking Meetings!
Check for our next meeting date under "Announcements" at DiscoverNeedham.com.
We look forward to speaking with you!
The NBA/DiscoverNeedham.com

(781) 444-7980