The Revitalization Trust Fund of Needham

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The Revitalization Trust Fund was established in 1999 to revitalize Needham's public spaces and bring more art into the public view.

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Each of our projects is 100% privately funded. Over the past decade, our five member Revitalization Trust Fund Committee has completed more than 30 public space Revitalization projects throughout Needham.


Although each project is unique, every one is specifically considered for both its ability to enhance and integrate into the location's overall surroudings  and unique character. 


We strive to work with only the finest, proven craftspeople available to design and install each project. Once the necessary town approvals are complete, we present the project to the public for funding. As soon as possible after a project is funded, it is installed.


Want to know how you can make a positive, long-term improvement in our Needham community?


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Because in Needham, you can Change the world...Where you live ™.

Thank you!

The Revitalization Trust Fund Committee


The Revitalization Trust Fund is a tax deductable, Needham Town Trust